SKC Acoustics Technology Co Ltd


SKC is a research-based high-tech company located in Beijing, the capital of P.R.China, provided services including manufacture of acoustics measurementequipment, acoustic engineering design, consultation of acoustic technology,etc. We produce acoustics and recording related productions such as microphone,preamplifier and system for measurement, professional recording microphone andaudio equipment.

The purpose of SKC providing services to our clients is “Sincere, Knowledgeable andCreative”. The sound is unpredictable, but SKC's R & D team has a profoundprofessional background and research experience involved in acoustictechnology, audio engineering and recording arts. We have close ties ofcooperation with a number of acoustics research institutions and laboratoriesas our guaranteed to customers for provide comprehensive, honest, wise and richinnovative technical services.

The Measurement Microphone

SKC Audio includes a comprehensive range of measurement microphones in sizes from 1/4'' to 1''.

Together these microphones cover all aspects of measurement microphone usage.

Data Acquisition

The Data Acquisition is built for multi-channel acoustic measurements,using ICP preamplifiers and condenser microphones.

It can be used in general acoustic or vibration measurements.

It connects the computer by IEEE 1394a adapter or USB.


ICCP preamplifier specially designed for 1"、1/2" and 1/4" prepolarized microphones respectively. It is high performance preamplifier with low inherent noise and high input impedance. It’s flat frequency response ensures high quality acoustic measurements

High Sound-Level Testing System

DAS03 Testing System includes 1/4 inch measurement microphone, data acquisition and software.

The highest Sound-Level which we tested is 172 dB.

Out-door Microphone


Protectedagainst the effects of rain, wind, and other condition

Rainprotected according to IEC 529 IP44

ExcellentOmni-directional characteristics

Built-inElectrostatic actuator & Easyacoustic calibration

An800V DC Calibration facility

The Sound Power System

SKC Sound-Power System includes the Spherical Fixture and the software.

The Spherical Fixture's diameter includes 1m, 1.5m and 2m.

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